Pragati Metal Corporation improves constantly the efficiency of the Quality Management System (QMS) and sets out quality goals and work plans. In addition, We are is dedicated to improving capabilities of technical and administrative staff's through systematic training and constant monitoring of professional quality. We achieved the high quality through professional competence of our employees, high job morale and a service-oriented attitude.



The standard of the work is the responsibility of every single employee at Pragati Metal Corporation. All our products are tested according to globally recognized standards or our own more stringent internal testing procedures, which are developed taking into account the harsh conditions in the field.

We are dedicated towards
1. Ensuring strict supervision of the production / import process and criteria for inspection and testing.
2. Implement and maintain a continuously improved quality management system which meets the requirements.
3. We commit ourselves to designing, implementing and sustaining an outstanding standard of products.

In addition, the highest quality assurance levels are achieved through rigorous pneumatic / gas testing, pressure cycle testing, and vibration and temperature testing on each product to ensure our products are free from any type of defect and adhere to strict quality of all our products.