Brass Alloy Sheets are versatile and commonly used in a variety of industries. Brass Alloy Sheets have become popular for various applications, from architecture & construction to musical instruments and electronics. Brass Sheet is a versatile alloy of copper and zinc mixed in varying proportions, typically 60 to 70 per cent copper, with the remaining percentage of zinc. It is an easy material to work with & has a light gold colour that can be polished to a brilliant shine & making it an attractive metal for various design purposes.

Brass Sheets

Brass Alloy


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Besides its aesthetical appeal, Brass Sheet offers numerous benefits. One crucial benefit of Brass Alloy Sheets is their durability. It's highly resistant to corrosion & oxidization that may erode and weaken other materials. The material is strong, so it doesn't easily dent or scratch. The alloy is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, making it useful for electrical wires and heat exchangers.

Brass Alloy Sheets are widely used in different industries. One common use is in architectural and construction supplies. Builders use brass in various forms, including door handles, cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures, and trim work. In musical instruments, trumpet bells, trombone slides, and saxophone bodies are popular applications of brass alloy sheets because of their acoustic properties. Brass is common in electronics such as fuse clips, adapters, and switches. Pragati Metal provides many high-quality Brass Alloy Products, like Brass Alloy Shims and Brass Alloy Round Bars.

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Sheet Brass have various properties that make this material popular in many industries. Its high malleability makes it easy to mold into desired shapes so that it can be formed into intricate patterns & designs. The alloy is also very stable under extreme temperature changes, which makes it very common in applications with high-temperature requirements. Its anti-bacterial properties make it popular in medical industries, where it's used for making surgical instruments. Brass Metal Sheets are versatile and widely used in various industries due to their unique properties. Composed primarily of copper & zinc, these sheets exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Their attractive gold-like appearance also makes them popular for decorative purposes.

Sheet Metal Brass boast good malleability and ductility, allowing them to be easily formed into intricate shapes & designs. They possess high tensile strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. These sheets are often employed in manufacturing musical instruments, electrical components, automotive parts, and decorative items. With a combination of aesthetic appeal and mechanical properties, brass alloy sheets remain a preferred choice for numerous industrial and artistic endeavors.

How thick is a Brass Sheet?

The thickness of the Brass Alloy Sheets can vary depending on the application and the manufacturer & Brass Sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.025 inches (0.6 mm) to 0.125 inches (3.2 mm) and sometimes even more.

What are Brass Sheets used for?

Brass Sheets are used for a wide range of applications, including decorative applications such as door hardware, lighting fixtures, and sculptures & they are also used in manufacturing various industrial products such as gears, bearings, and electrical components.

How do you cut brass sheets?

Brass sheets can be cut using a variety of tools such as a saw, shears, or a metal-cutting blade on a power tool & the choice of tool will depend on the thickness of the sheet and the desired finish. It's important to use safety equipment such as gloves and safety glasses when cutting Rolled Brass Sheets.

Brass Sheets Specification

Standard ASTM B36, ASME SB36
Brass Sheets, Plates Thickness 0.001 mm - 70 mm
Brass Sheets, Plates Size 14 X 48 inch, 16 X 48 inch
Finish Hot rolled (HR), Cold rolled (CR) Galvanized etc.
Material Brass
Grades UNS C21000, C22000, C22600, C23000, C24000, C26000, C26800, C27200, or C28000.

Types Of Brass Sheets

Brass Hot Rolled Sheets

Brass Sheets

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Brass Cold Rolled Sheets

Brass Plates

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Brass Sheets/Plates

Brass Sheet/Plate

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Equivalent Grades of B36 Brass / Brass Alloy Sheets

Grade C21000 C22600 C23000 C24000 C26000 C26130 C26800 C27000 C27200 C27400 C28000

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